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Judith Levine



For 25 years as a journalist and author, Judith Levine has explored the ways history, culture, politics, and the economy are entwined in intimate life – in sexuality, feelings about health and the body, families, and personal identity. Her work expresses a forceful moral politics that balances a vision of the “greater good” with a fierce defense of personal freedom.

She is the author of Do You Remember Me?: A Father, a Daughter, and a Search for the Self (Free Press, 2004), Harmful to Minors: The Perils of Protecting Children From Sex (University of Minnesota Press), which won the Los Angeles Times Book Prize in 2002, and My Enemy, My Love: Women, Masculinity, and the Dilemmas of Gender. She has contributed to dozens of national magazines and widely anthologized on subjects ranging from gay marriage to human genetic engineering; her work has been widely anthologized.

Levine is a founder of the National Writers Union and No More Nice Girls and an activist in feminism and civil liberties. She lives in Brooklyn, NY, and in Northeastern Vermont.


Speaker on Plenary #1: The Social and Political Meaning of the New Genetic and Reproductive Technologies
6 May, 9:30 - 11:00


What Genetic Modification Means for Women by Judith Levine
* A Feminist Vision: For Freedom and Justice by Judith Levine