Closing Discussion

Friday, 7 May
16:00 - 17:00

Facilitator: Sarah Sexton

After reports from the immediately preceding small group sessions, we will ask participants to share their thoughts on the topics we have discussed over the course of the meeting, focusing on key areas of agreement, on unresolved issues or areas of tension, and especially on possible policy options and activist strategies that reflect a social justice framing of genetic technologies.

We will ask for suggestions—both general and specific—about ways to move forward in reframing the public and policy debate over genetic and reproductive technologies, and to craft policy options and activist strategies that reflect this reframing.

How can we work productively with the differences among us / among feminists / among progressives? What are the most promising next steps in terms of broadening the dialogue and mobilizing concern among feminists, communicating a feminist / social justice perspective to other constituencies, and inserting that perspective into the larger public and policy debates?